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For Sellers

You need to review your niche market details, the competition, and the steps to get the home ready, the marketing needed to expose your home effectively to buyers and most importantly, how you will be updated and communicated with by your REALTOR in the process.

If your thinking of selling I have very powerful marketing system and plan to get your home sold quickly and for top market value while also keeping you well informed throughout the process of selling.  Contact me today!  We can meet at your home you want to sell, my office or local Starbucks.   When we meet I will outline what you need to know about selling and what you can expect from me as your representing REALTOR® if chosen.

Seller Questionnaire

headshot-chrisSchedule to meet with me to discuss your plans and learn what you can expect from me as your representing REALTOR®.  Schedule Meeting Now

Determining Home Value

Typically your home is worth what a qualified buyer will pay for it. To determine that number, the “Sales Comparison Approach” to value is used by loan appraisers. Learn More

Listing Documents

During the home selling process, you complete and sign or initial many forms of paperwork. There are many important documents used to know more about. Learn More

Title and Escrow in AZ

In Arizona, most real estate transactions are closed with a title insurance policy.  Learn More

Home Warranty Benefits

There are many advantages to home warranty protection. This policy often protects the Seller by reducing repairs costs required as part of the sale. Learn More

Moving Resources

I have put together the following list of important information that includes city , government, utilities, and other helpful contacts.   Learn More

Rental Documents

During the rental process, there are many forms of paperwork to protect the owners interests and to make full disclosure to any prospective tenants.  Learn More

Hassle Free Listing Service

I’m interviewing for the job to sell your home.

Learn More

Foreclosure Alternatives

There are many ways to avoid a possible foreclosure. Explore some possible options for homeowners to avoid Arizona foreclosure.  Learn More

Home Loan Types

Explore the different types of loans there are for financing your next home purchase and what you should expect from your lender to make sure you are informed. Learn More

 Buyers Inspection

Our local Arizona Real Estate Contract has contingency clause that allows the buyer 10 day due diligence Inspection Period. Learn More

 Expired Listing

I’m interviewing for the job to sell your home.  Having a solid marketing strategy and Elite representing REALTOR® makes all the difference.  Learn More

 For Sale By Owner

For Sale by Owners – I’m interviewing for the job to sell your home for more money.  Having a solid marketing strategy and Elite representing REALTOR® makes all the difference.   Learn More


I have put together some important terms to better understand during the selling process. Learn More